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Minutes for March 2003

Research Council Minutes
March 31, 2003

Attendees: Basil Antar, Doug Birdwell, Bill Blass, Billie Collier, Arlene Garrison, Marcel Grubert, Ray Hamilton, Mark Hedrick, Heather Hirschfeld, Jon Levin, Carol Malkemus, Dwayne McCay, Tamara Miller, Robert Moore, Faye Muly, Janice Musfeldt, Elizabeth Sutherland, Suzann Thompson, Gretchen Whitney, Luther Wilhelm.

Opening Remarks – Birdwell

  • Reported that he sent a letter to President Shumaker with the approved resolution of Council that the Office of Research report to the Chancellor of the Knoxville Campus.
  • Requested that committee members complete evaluations and panel chairs compile reports and forward to him for his reporting to the Faculty Senate.

Opening Remarks – Collier

  • Concurs with Birdwell that panel reports should be submitted in a timely manner and expressed appreciation to committee members for their service and the work they are doing.
  • Announced that a new Assistant Coordinator will begin work on April 1st in the Office of Research and invited council members to stop by and meet Todd Upton.

Information Technology Security Group Presentation – Robert Ridenour

Ridenour described the activities of the new IT security group at the University. He emphasized that anyone plugged into the Internet is at risk of having their system invaded. His group is working to learn where people want to be in terms of having security. Faculty, staff and departments may contact him to request that a representative evaluate the security of computers within their areas. He encouraged anyone with questions to contact his group at

Updates: Doug Birdwell

  • UT Research Foundation – Birdwell reported that the Board met and adopted the revised By-laws and Charter for the UT Research Foundation. The Foundation will be effective April 23, with a meeting of the new Board appointed by President Shumaker. Operations will begin July 1. The revised Business Plan will be posted on the web on April 8th. New drafts for the Incubator are on the website.


  • Hamel, Policies and Procedures Committee- Absent
  • Levin, Research Promotion and Education Committee – Drafted letter to Educational Marketing Group. No response to date.
  • Blass, Research Infrastructure Committee – Group has had no impact in discussions with ORNL.
  • Gant, Provost’s Research Awards Committee – Absent, but report received that committee work is complete and award information passed to appropriate office
  • Hedrick, Summer Special Research Assistants Committee – Is near having full report and extends appreciate to his committee for their hard work
  • Baker, SARIF Equipment and Infrastructure Committee – Absent, but reported that SARIF Equipment and Infrastructure packets have been distributed but no meeting date confirmed as of yet.
  • Sutherland, Exhibit, Performance, Publication and Expense (EPPE) Committee – Reported that committee has reviewed 36 requests to date and has been able to fund most.
  • Hansen, Centers Evaluation Committee – Absent Birdwell addressed that Centers Reviews need to be finalized spring and fall.
  • Baker, Special Projects Committee – Good panel discussion on Conflict of Interest Policy.

Nominations for Research Council President – Birdwell reported that he received one nomination for President, Elizabeth Sutherland, and asked for further nominations. None were received and Levin made motion to close nominations with Wilhelm seconding the motion. Nomination of Elizabeth Sutherland went to vote and was approved unanimously.

Old Business – Birdwell reported that discussion on fair use of wireless resources is becoming an issue. Distinction is becoming necessary for use in classroom as opposed to laboratory instrumentalization.

New Business – Levin inquired about the EPSCoR status. Garrison reported that effort is still in process and there will be a statewide meeting with participants from NSF in late April. If we are able to resubmit by May 1st deadline, we could see funding this fiscal year.

Meeting adjourned at 4:50.