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Minutes for January 2003

January 27, 2003
Attendees: Basil Antar, Brice Bible, Doug Birdwell (Chair), Billie Collier, Chris Cox, Bill Dockery, William Dunne, Arlene Garrison, Maureen Groer, Marcel Grubert, Joanne Hall, Ray Hamilton, Heather Hirschfield, Jon Levin, Carol Malkemus, Ron Maples, Dwayne McCay, Janice Musfeldt, DeAnna Parker, Suzan Thompson, Gretchen Whitney, Luther Wilhelm

  • Opening remarks:
    • Doug Birdwell, Chair:
      • Birdwell called for review of and comments on minutes from previous meeting. With no comments or revisions noted the minutes were approved.
      • Birdwell reported that there are now four categories of Faculty Affiliates: staff and faculty affiliates appointed in the departments; and staff and faculty affiliates appointed through the Provost’s office. More information will be forthcoming at the Faculty Senate meeting.
      • Birdwell reminded subcommittee members to look at guidelines for their duties and that reports should be submitted in early March.
      • Only two questions from Research Council members have been received for the open meeting on the Research foundation with President Shumaker. The meeting has been tentatively rescheduled from February 4th to February 10th. Members were encouraged to email questions to him since there are still many issues needing to be addressed.
    • Billie Collier, Interim Associate Vice President for Research:
      • Collier reported that Margaret Ashworth has assumed fulltime responsibility in the Office of Federal Relations and will no longer provide support for the Research Council. DeAnna Parker, her assistant will take minutes for this meeting. The Office of Research has hired a new Data Control Specialist, John “Chip” Sommer, who will be managing database input for Office of Research. The next Research Seminar, Foundation Grants, will be held on February 26th in the Science and Engineering Auditorium and is co-sponsored by the Office of Research and the Library.
      • Collier commented on the handout from the National Research Council on the next cycle of rating Research Doctorate Programs. Interested parties are encouraged to provide input into proposed changes to the ranking methodology.
  • Update:
    • F & A Reallocation (Ray Hamilton, Executive Director, Budget & Finance): Hamilton shared the content of the report of the F&A Allocation Task Force. The report submitted to VP Sylvia Davis recommends the following allocation: Central Administration – 60%; Research Administration – 10%; College/Unit* – 30% (*The taskforce encourages the college/unit to return 5% to the PI and use 25% for college and departmental needs.)
  • Discussion Items:
    • EPSCoR (T. Dwayne McCay, Vice President for Research and Information Technology): McCay reported that the University of Tennessee has submitted a proposal to NSF for an Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) planning grant. If this is approved by NSF, institutions in the state of Tennessee become eligible for EPSCoR funding when proposals are submitted. Institutions qualifying for EPSCoR automatically qualify for DOE.
    • UT Research Foundation (T. Dwayne McCay, Vice President for Research and Information Technology): McCay addressed concerns that had been expressed regarding the Research Foundation. Local control of research administration will be maintained by each campus. Colleges are the key and the research deans, or other appropriate college administrators, will be given decision-making responsibilities and authority. If a Dean is uncomfortable with any part of a proposal, he/she would have the authority to elevate the decision to the campus Vice Chancellor. Intellectual property functions will remain in the Foundation. The Research Foundation will be flexible enough to allow researchers to do many things more quickly and efficiently and will provide enhanced services. Detailed procedures for the functioning of the Foundation are still being developed. Council members were encouraged submit further questions to Birdwell for the meeting with President Shumaker.
  • Old Business:
    • Birdwell asked what happened to the letter submitted to the EMG group. It was submitted but we have received no reply. Per Bill Dockery, the slogan will not be announced until summer.
  • New Business:
    • SARIF Funding Eligibility (Arlene Garrison, Assistant Vice President for Research): Garrison addressed the handout on SARIF eligibility stating that traditionally, only tenure-track faculty have been eligible for awards. Birdwell will seek input from council members prior to formal action on this item at the next meeting.
  • The Council extended appreciation to Margaret Ashworth for her work supporting its activities.

Meeting adjourned at 5:03 p.m.