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Minutes for April 2002

April 22, 2002

Attendees: Basil Antar, Margaret Ashworth, Elizabeth Aversa, Gayle Baker (Co-Vice Chair), David Bassett, Doug Birdwell (Chair), Bill Blass (Co-Vice Chair), Hampersum Bozdogan, David Buehler, Billie Collier, Chris Cox, Barbara Craddock, Barbara Dewey, Arlene Garrison, Jens Gregor, Joanne Hall, Jon Levin, Lee Magid, Ron Maples, Lillian Mashburn, Tamara Miller, Faye Muly, Bonnie Ownley, Stuart Riggsby, Ian Rockett, Susan Smith, Elizabeth Sutherland, Dixie Thompson, Bruce Tonn, Gretchen Whitney

  • Introductory Remarks:
    • Billie Collier, Associate Vice President for Research, recognized the work of several groups and people during the past year:
      • The Centers Evaluation Committee and the committees reviewing proposals for SARIF funds.
      • The Council’s work on laying the groundwork for a comprehensive F&A policy at the University.
      • The faculty who work on compliance: Alan Matthews, Glen Graber, Cynthia Peterson, and Buddy Moore.
      • Marlene Groer, chair of the search committee for the director compliance.
    • Chair Doug Birdwell welcomed attendees.
  • Election of the Chair: Bill Blass conducted the election. Doug Birdwell was reelected by acclamation. Gayle Baker and Bill Blass will continue as co-vice chairs.
  • Federal Relations: Lillian Mashburn report that NSF will increase the size of their grants, resulting in few grants. There will be more pressure to limit the participation of international students in high tech academic programs. UT should be able to track international students in January 2003.
  • Award: Arlene Garrison was presented an award for her service to Research Council during the 2001-2002 year.
  • Annual Report: Doug Birdwell voiced his appreciation for the work of the committee chairs.
    • 2001-2002 Faculty Senate Charges to the Research Council – Att. B
    • Centers Evaluation Criteria (Handler)
    • Facilities & Administrative (F&A) Recommendations (Birdwell) – Att. J
    • IRIS (Birdwell) – Att. I
    • Strategic Planning Group / Computing & Networking (Blass) Atts. G & H
    • Campus Network Security (Birdwell)
    • Reviews & Awards
      • Centers (Bozdogan) – Att. C
      • EPPE (Sutherland) – Att. D
      • SARIF Summer Research (Fisher) – Att. E
      • SARIF Equipment (Baker)
      • Provost’s Awards (Gant) – Att. F

    Council members discussed the F&A recommendations. Barbara Dewey asked about the library’s part of F&A and asked to be involved in future negotiations about the library part of the F&A rate. Members asked about the different incentive plans for PI’s across campus. What departments depend upon F&A for basic operating expenses? How will a change affect them? Billie Collier stated that we need a more comprehensive and consistent plan across campus with a minimum amount going to PI’s. She said that Doug’s report contains several goals to work towards.

Meeting adjourned at 1:28 p.m.